How To Use Your Logo To Brand Your Business

Sara Summers on April 28, 2014 - 9:17 am in Marketing

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A logo is one of the most important branding elements you can have when it comes to branding your business. A logo can serve many different purposes in getting your business noticed, as well as remembered. Learn more about why having a recognizable logo is a vital branding component in our article, “The Importance of a Company Logo“. Now that you have a strong logo, how should you use it and where should you include it to ensure you have an identifiable brand?

Here are a 5 tips:

1) Promote Your Brand With Your LogoPromotional products

Any type of promotional merchandise should have your company logo on it, whether it’s wearable like your employee uniforms, or promotional items like a pen, water bottle, or key chain, it should be stamped with your logo. Promotional products and apparel reinforce your brand and attract future customers by catching their eye and keeping your brand top-of-mind. Branded products also make for great giveaway items and takeaways at trade shows and events.

2) Brand Your Store

If you have a brick and mortar store, your logo should also be represented inside and outside your business. Your customers should be able to recognize your business from the outside of your store; consider adding your logo on your store-front if it’s not already there. Similarly, your brand should be reinforced inside your store from the color scheme to the feel of the store when customers enter. Consider adding your logo to any in-store signage, branded product sales, and clothing tags.

3) Turn Each Sale Into a Marketing OpportunityHotStamp_SassyApron

Your store decor is also a great opportunity to integrate your brand colors into your store as well as your logo to reinforce your branding. Your customer has entered the store, had a positive experience, identified with your brand, and purchased a product from your business. This is a perfect opportunity to turn your sale into a marketing opportunity by including your logo on your business receipts and your retail packaging. Customize your retail packaging  by adding your business’ logo. This simple addition will turn every bagbox and sale into a marketing opportunity for your business. Bags and Bows offers customization through hot-stamped foil personalization. It’s simple and fast:

hot stamping4)  Keep Your Logo ‘Above The Fold’

Your logo should be in a prominent position on your online properties to easily identify your business. Therefore, you want to display your logo ‘above the fold’. ‘Above the fold’, means everything you can see when you first look at your website. The top left corner is always a safe place to include your logo on your website template as people read left to right it ensures a prominent location on the page.  This is also true for your social media channels, your blog, enewsletters, and whitepapers. Keep your design consistent across your channels as much as possible.

above the fold - circled logo - blog above the fold - circled logo - facebook website above the fold

5) Use Your Logo In Your Communications

Any type of correspondence is an opportunity to use your logo and should be considered a necessity. Make sure to include your logo on your email signature, email marketing template, business cards, presentations, and company letterhead. Ultimately, you want your logo to represent your company name even if your name isn’t placed next to the logo.

Everywhere You Are

In short, your logo should be present in:

  • All of your communications – email signature, letterhead, email marketing template, business cards and letterhead, promotions and offers, and advertisements
  • All of your online channels – website, social media, blog, and business listings
  • In-Store – on your store front, retail packaging, price-tags, and receipts
  • Promotional items – flyers, coupons, promotional apparel, and products

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  • November 14, 2014

    Excellent tips. I would also make sure that your logo is consistent in color and design. Changing the color of your logo is not usually a good thing unless your logo is unmistakable like Nike.