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Eric Ellis on February 3, 2014 - 4:05 pm in Marketing

social media app ideas

About five years ago, Bags & Bows jumped into the digital space by opening up our very first e-commerce website to provide all our great product from our catalog and expand our offering and reach. In 2013, we took another jump and moved into the social media space by opening up key social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. We quickly learned that to truly create engagement, we had to offer engaging experiences. This is when our teams got together to brainstorm what we could provide to create that on-going engaging experience that would keep our customers coming back to our social channels. On this journey, we partnered with to help us easily create an experience that was fast, fun and rewarding. Enter what we lovingly call here at Bags & Bows, the “Tug of War App.”

This social application lives on a Facebook tab, but can be shared and experienced via mobile, which is important in this second screen world where people always have their smartphones.

We decided the experience should be simple, so we put two collection designs against each other every month and ask users to vote on their favorite. Simple and easy! We have been VERY surprised sometimes to discover which collection ended up winning the contest!

We believe that this type of experience is extremely valuable for small businesses on three fronts:

  1. Are you considering two designs for product or packaging? Let your customers vote and decide for you on which one should move forward.
  2. Building your email database? This is a great way to get started.
  3. Struggling with getting your brand name out there? Social experiences such as these get your name out there through people sharing the social app experience from their own channels.

Beginning your social media journey? Think of quick, simple, and easy ways to engage with your audience. Social applications can help.

Check out our February Tug of War Contest and vote for your favorite collection: Classicality or Fuchsia Floral. You will be entered in a drawing to win a mini pack of the winning collection!


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