Marketing Tips to Reach Your Target Customer for Mother’s Day

Brian Morris on April 14, 2014 - 11:31 am in Marketing

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Question: Who is your target customer on Mother’s Day? Many people target moms, but really, you should be targeting dads & kids.

Most moms don’t buy gifts for themselves on Mother’s Day. Your target audience, then, is their children and even their husbands. Keep in mind the age group you’re marketing to as well; know who your customers are the rest of the year, and you’ll know how old your customers will be for Mother’s Day.

Think of the best way to position your benefits to your target audience for Mother’s Day marketing. For example, while a mom might like the fact that a certain bubble bath moisturizes her skin, her husband will be more attracted to the fact that the bubble bath: a) is the most sought-after item by moms today; and b) makes their Mother’s Day shopping super-easy.

Host a “kids buy” event

When it comes to Mother’s Day purchases, younger children typically don’t do the shopping: Dad does. That takes some of the fun out of the day for kids and moms alike. You can remedy that by hosting a “kids buy” event in which you set aside low-priced products kids can pick out to give to their moms. Naturally, you’ll also showcase higher-priced items dads will be interested in buying. Set it up so kids can browse unbreakable products on their own while dads do their own shopping, and you could soon be established as the go-to Mother’s Day gift store in your town.

Free gift wrapping

Free gift wrapping is an excellent incentive for Mother’s Day marketing, particularly since moms often do the wrapping. When dads and kids chip in, the wrapping is often less than desirable. You can probably even get away with charging for gift wrapping (or, at least, add-ons such as Mother’s Day cards, bows, ribbons, tulle and raffia) simply because dads and kids don’t want to take the time and hassle to do the wrapping themselves.

Promote convenience

Keep in mind that convenience can play a major role in Mother’s Day marketing. The more convenient you can make the shopping process, the more likely you’ll attract customers: dads and kids. Promise them you have the perfect gift for Mom, then make the buying – and giving – process as ultra-convenient as possible. Promote convenience as a unique selling point. There’s no shame in making things easy on your buyers.

You might be well-served by defining different types of moms and gifts, or printing a Mother’s Day gift guide booklet or catalog, to help your true Mother’s Day customers identify your products with their moms and spouses. Again, this speaks to helping your customers get the perfect gift, as conveniently as possible. Promote the right gifts, but also speak to your customers by promoting convenience, and you can profit handsomely on Mother’s Day.

If you’re looking for additional marketing ideas for Mother’s Day, check out this article, the first part of our Mother’s Day two-part series.


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