Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day

Brian Morris on April 8, 2014 - 1:23 pm in Marketing

ideas for mothers day

Mother’s Day spending continues to rise, with the average American shelling out nearly $170 for their moms in 2013. That’s up from an average spend of $127 in 2010, a difference of $43 that represents a meteoric increase over a three-year span. It also makes Mother’s Day a $21 billion market, and as a small business owner you surely want to get your share. The trouble is, so does everyone else – including your competitors. So how do you set yourself apart and command more than your fair share of Mother’s Day sales? The following marketing ideas for Mother’s Day will help.

Help customers find the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Start by researching what mothers want, particularly by age range. Research the most popular gifts for moms and find opportunities for your products to fit into that schema. Then, promote not only those products but also the fact that you’re the Mother’s Day gift expert because you can help your customers pick the perfect gifts for their moms.

Consider a direct-mail postcard or poster that reads: “Do you know what your mom wants for Mother’s Day? We do.” It’s a powerful statement that creates desire for customers who truly want to buy their moms special gifts to the most clueless customers who simply do not want to disappoint, and everyone in-between.

By the way, if you want some statistics on modern-day moms, check out this link.

Follow the leader

You can use strategically placed stickers to lead customers to your Mother’s Day sales. Print arrows, footprints, or other shapes that boast your special offers or sales, then place them on floors, walls and other surfaces to lead customers right to your Mother’s Day sales rack.

“Follow the leader” stickers are fun ways to command attention for your Mother’s Day sales and promise to lead customers exactly where they want to go, fast and easy. Best of all, stickers are cheap to print so you can test this idea with minimal investment.

Special Mother’s Day mini-catalogs

Group your Mother’s Day items together, either as stand-along products in a section or as combinations perfect for Mother’s Day gifts. Send direct-mail postcards as mini-catalogs to your “Mother’s Day Collection.” You don’t have to include all of your products, just a representative sampling. Add in a time-limited coupon to motivate response.

Mini-catalogs let you harness the power of direct-mail marketing without having to invest in multi-page full-color catalogs. They can drive customers to your storefront or your website, making postcards perfect marketing tools for Mother’s Day.

Bring them back for more

Print a flyer with a special offer good for a future date designed to bring customers back to your store after Mother’s Day. Stuff every bag with your flyer. You could include an invitation to subscribe to your email newsletter, like your Facebook page, or even redeem a coupon for the next big parental holiday, Father’s Day.

Partner with other businesses

You can partner with non-competing businesses that share your same target audience to offer exclusive Mother’s Day packages. For example, a nail salon could partner with a masseuse and a luxury soap retailer to offer an exclusive spa package. Customers get to give their moms a unique gift, moms get to enjoy three different products/services, and all three companies get to profit not only from their sales, but also from sales made by their partners.

Bundle gifts together

ideas for mothers dayGet some attractive baskets to bundle separate Mother’s Day gifts together. This is a great way to sell smaller products as larger products, and it also gives you a chance to bundle in a few products that aren’t moving so well along with your hotter products. Moms will love unique gifts that are a combination of products, not just one. Your customers will love the convenience of a one-stop shopping experience. You get to sell a gift mothers will love and avoid having to take a loss on poor-selling products later. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

Offer unique products

If you sell products that aren’t typically associated with Mother’s Day (that is to say, if you don’t sell flowers, bubble bath, or other stereotypical “mom” stuff), you can take advantage of the fact that you offer a unique alternative on Mother’s Day.

An electronics store could promote special offers for “high-tech moms,” for example, while a movie theater could promote gift cards for “movie moms.” What about “cool moms,” “car moms,” “outdoorswomen,” and more? With a bit of creativity, you can make nearly any product work for Mother’s Day – and give customers a choice of gifts that will both surprise and delight.

Give a free mom “coupon book” with purchases

Advertise that you’ll give away a free mom “coupon book” with any qualifying Mother’s Day purchase. Moms often serve as household organizers, accountants, cooks, cleaners and nannies – all while holding full-time jobs. You can print miniature booklets that include coupons for moms to redeem a day off house work, week free from cleaning, and other “freebies” that let mom get some rest and relaxation. Customers will jump at the chance to get a free and unique add-on they know their moms will love.

Go big, go bold

Want to command attention for your Mother’s Day sale? Want to make everyone in town know exactly where they should go to get their mom something amazing for Mother’s Day? Print a large-format vinyl banner and strategically place it near your city’s busiest intersections. Banners are cheap to print, can be used year-after-year, and – with a bit of marketing savvy and a dash of memorable simplicity – can be extremely powerful marketing tools because they’re practically impossible to ignore.

Offer personalization

If you can offer any level of personalization, you are able to give yourself a distinct advantage over the competition on Mother’s Day. From jewelry to glassware, if you can personalize your products customers will want to purchase Mother’s Day gifts from you because personalization makes gifts seem special, of greater quality, and more thoughtful. Personalization also gives you an add-on you can charge for, thus increasing your profit per sale.

What are your favorite Mother’s Day marketing strategies?


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