Live Tweet During Events to Expand your Influence

Sara Summers on March 6, 2014 - 1:18 pm in Events, Marketing

live tweet during events

Intuit did it this year with a Super Bowl commercial, while GoDaddy also chimed in with a Super Bowl commercial followed by a contest featuring Danica Patrick. This last Sunday, Ellen Degeneres did it using the 86th Annual Academy Awards. What exactly is ‘it’— and why is it so revolutionary? All have been featuring, amplifying, and celebrating small business utilizing highly visible events.

So how can your business take advantage of this trend? Tweeting during live events! For little to no cost, you can receive a lot of exposure. Here are some tactics.


Identify the influencers

  • Who will be walking the red carpet, what could they potentially be wearing?
  • What publications and media outlets usually cover the event?
  • Who is the host of the event?
  • If you’re a retailer, who usually makes a unique fashion statement or wears clothing styles similar to the look or brands that you carry in your store?
  • If you’re a salon, who on the red carpet might style their hair in a way that you can replicate in your salon?Group selfie tweet

Research online presence

  • Is there an official hashtag?
  • Are there multiple hashtags?
  • Are there official social media accounts for the event? Which ones? Do you have a presence on those channels? If not, does it make sense for you to create one?

The Oscars had @Academy and #oscars as their official handle and hashtag, but they also used  #BestDressed #oscarsfashion and Ellen Degeneres’ Twitter handle @TheEllenShow to amplify their message.


What are your objectives?

  • Brand awareness and engagement?
  • Or is it fan and email acquisition for later targeting?
    **Sales should not be your primary objective during live tweeting**

How are you going to track your results?

  • Do you have metrics set up on all of your channels? Check to make sure you know your numbers prior to the event.
  • Do you have a unique trackable hashtag? For example, Bags & Bows’ Social Media team set up #BBredcarpet as our hashtag during the Oscars that we included in all of our reports so we could measure message amplification afterward.

What do you already have that you can use?

online visibilityoscars online visibility

Do you have white papers, eBooks, or social apps that you could reskin when you tweet for your next live event? If you have an evergreen contest social application, can you reskin it to fit the event? For example,  Bags & Bows reskinned our parent company, Deluxe Corporation’s Online Visibility app for the Oscars to resonate with the live audience we were interacting with. This particular application was designed to increase engagement with our fans and followers and also doubles as a fan and email acquisition tool. If you are able to capture emails, you can target those fans through Facebook ads with Facebook’s custom audiences after the live event. Offerpop is an inexpensive tool that allows small businesses to develop plug-and-play apps and collect this valuable information.

Create new content that resonates with the event’s audience.

Think of your already existing social media channels and what you can create on those channels to intrigue the live audience you are targeting and how that fits with your brand.

For example, Bags & Bows’ goal was to show that they were on-trend, something that would be valuable for most retailers as well, which fits nicely with the Red Carpet. So prior to the Oscars, the social media team created an Oscars Pinterest Board and a Fashion war app similar to our monthly Vote to Win App to increase audience engagement and drive prospective customers to our other channels and learn more about our brand, building our brand reputation.

oscars pinterest boardOSCARS BEST COLLECTION NOMINEES - Gone Wild - Twitter

Plan for the unexpected.


Was there a recent relevant moment that you can build upon?

During our research phase, Bags & Bows identified Pharrell’s hat  at the Grammy’s and Jennifer Lawrence’s 2013 fall as past viral moments that could be compared to “something” that might happen during the Oscars.

Build the framework and content.

We built the app and imagery in anticipation for “the moment”. Then, when Pharrell showed up in shorts, we had our moment and we could complete the app. Planning allowed us to have the voting live before he performed on stage with his hat.

Schedule Posts

If you’re promoting marketing assets like an eBook, App, Pinterest Board, etc, schedule those posts ahead. This will give you more time to focus on tweeting and retweeting in-the-moment content, while still promoting engagement and traffic to the pre-created campaigns.

Promote that you’ll live tweet during the event

Give your fans, followers and customers notification that you’ll be live tweeting. You can do this through social media as well as in your store. This is where you may want to consider boosting a few posts in Facebook to get the word out by targeting the live event audience.

Sometimes you get lucky!

oscars tweet

Ellen ordered pizza during the Oscars from Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria, a small business located around the corner from the studio, and brought in the delivery man to hand out to celebrities on air. This small business, which boasts twenty-one franchises all around Los Angeles county, received the equivalent of $1.8 million in free television advertising, according to Kantar Advertising.

Not only did the pizzeria chain receive this boost in free television advertising, they also received an unimaginable amount of social media interaction and fans to their channels including over 1,200 total new fans to their Facebook page and over 1,500 followers to their Twitter handle in one day.


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