Color Psychology Marketing and Choosing Retail Packaging

Alyssa Doebler on November 3, 2015 - 11:31 am in Marketing

retail packaging color psychology marketing

A while back Bags & Bows did a blog post and infographic on color psychology marketing and how different colors attribute to branding your business. As a follow-up to that post, we are going to feature some colorful packaging products, gift bags and boxes, and explain based on color what these products tell your customers and which is best for your type of business. If you scroll to the bottom of the post, we have created a new infographic complete with coordinating packaging options in every color.

Red: High Gloss Paper Shoppers

The color rered shoppers gift bagsd creates excitement, energy, passion, and courage. If you’re in the entertainment, food, or sporting industry, red works well. It can stimulate appetites, encourage impulse buys, and draw attention. If you are in one of these industries or want your products and brand to evoke energy and passion, these red shoppers might be perfect for you. These shoppers will draw attention and look good hot stamped with your company name and logo as well.

Orange: Terracotta Varnish Stripe Shoppersorange shoppers gift bags

Orange creates feelings of enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, and strength. Entertainment, children’s products, and food industries all work well with the color orange. If you’re looking to communicate fun and playfulness, orange would be a good choice for your business packaging. You should check out our Terracotta Varnish Stripe Shoppers.

dashing daisies yellow gift bagsYellow: Dashing Daisies Collection

Yellow is a fun, happy, upbeat color. It evokes feelings of cheerfulness, intellect, energy, and spontaneity, making it ideal for children’s and leisure products. Yellow is great if your brand wants to communicate positivity, stimulate creativity, and grab attention. Our Good Natured Shoppers give off that vibe with a fun bumblebee design.

Green: Varnish Stripe Shoppersgreen shoppers gift bags

Green is the easiest color for the eyes to process and helps to create relaxing environments. It evokes feelings of health, freshness, serenity, and wealth. Green works well for businesses in the environmental, wellness, and educational industries. If you’re looking for green packaging, our Varnish Stripe Shoppers are simple, yet sophisticated.

blooming beauty shoppersBlue: Blooming Beauty Collection

The color blue portrays trustworthiness, dependability, security, and responsibility. Common industries with blue branding are financial, technological, and health care. Blue is the most popular choice for brand color. Our Blooming Beauty Collection is a charming blue color, featuring a design of white cherry blossoms.

Purple: Radiance Collectionpiper collection shoppers

Purple symbolizes nobility, mystery, wisdom, and spirituality. It’s a balance of red’s stimulation and blue’s calmness, taking on the characteristics of these undertones. Specialty, health care, and financial businesses are most likely to use purple in their branding. If you’re looking to portray feelings of nobility or wisdom, the Radiance Collection features a fun design in purple and white.

brown shoppersBrown: Exclusive Premium Matte-Laminated Euro Shoppers

Brown is a natural, simple, and earthy color. Businesses in the agriculture, environmental, and food industries commonly use brown. It portrays wholesomeness and dependability and can be used in place of black to add warmth to a color scheme. If you combine brown with green, it works well to promote earth-friendliness. Our Exclusive Premium Matte-Laminated Euro Shoppers are elegant, yet simple, and work great if you want to portray any of the above characteristics.

Black: Bookman Black Shoppersblack shoppers gift bags

Where black is lacking in color, it makes up for in elegance. It’s glamorous, exclusive, sophisticated, and powerful. Designer, luxury, and technology brands are most likely to use black in their branding. Black is powerful for your retail packaging because it creates feelings of sophistication and timelessness. Check out our Bookman Black Shoppers; they pair well with our colored tissue. Black packaging also looks really classy when it’s hot stamped with your logo.

white gift bags shoppersWhite: Exclusive Matte Laminated Euro Shoppers with Grosgrain Handles

White portrays simplicity, purity, cleanliness, and perfection. It’s used most often in health care, luxury, and universal industries. Just like black adds strength and sophistication, so does white, without any of the negative feelings that can be associated with black. Our Exclusive Matte Laminated Euro Shoppers fit this theme well. They have a matte finish and a rich black grosgrain handle which gives them a striking black and white combination.

Check out the infographic below.



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