How to Provide Good Customer Service

Alyssa Doebler on October 6, 2014 - 9:29 am in Customer Service, Marketing

good customer service

Even though this week is Customer Service Week, customer service should be celebrated all year long! Good customer service is one of the most important factors of any business. It shows you truly value your customers, making them more likely to buy and refer you to others. To celebrate this week at Bags & Bows, we interviewed some of our customer service reps. We asked them how they carry out good customer service with their customers, what they think is the most important aspect of customer service, and what motivates them to give the best customer service. Hopefully their answers will inspire you to provide even better customer service and thank others you know who work in customer service every day.

customer serviceBrittany Eutsler has worked at Deluxe (Bags & Bows’ parent company) in Small Business Customer Relations for almost 4 years. She carries out good customer service on a daily basis by treating every customer as a person. Rather than just seeing them as modes of business, she views them as mothers, fathers, grandparents, people. She treats them with respect and takes time to ask them about their day.

Brittany says the most important aspect of customer service is patience. Many times when people call, they have issues and concerns which need to be addressed immediately. It’s essential for customer service reps to remain patient and calm, especially during difficult calls. By separating herself from the blame and frustration of a difficult situation, she is able to be more understanding of the situation and offer appropriate help.

For Brittany, the greatest motivational factor to providing the best customer service is to put herself in the customers’ shoes. As a customer, she likes being treated as a person and not just another situation. A bad customer experience can permanently destroy a relationship and cause someone to never purchase from a business again. She wants to help people who may have had issues or bad experiences in the past by treating them with respect and restoring their confidence in the company.

Patricia (Patti) Malerbi has worked at Deluxe on the Small Business Relations Team for 8 years. Patti defines customer service as “having the correct product knowledge and resources to help customers make the best choices for their business while treating them with a friendly and helpful attitude.” On a daily basis, Patti carries this out by showing interest in the customers and their businesses by being more personal and less scripted.

Patti says the most important aspect of customer service is treating customers like they are important, letting them know we have a 100% guarantee, and being sincere. It’s important to use the customer’s name (when possible) to show they are being recognized, and give them your full attention.

Just like Brittany, Patti is also motivated to give the best customer service by imagining she herself was the customer. She’s had horrible customer service in the past where the representative wasn’t really paying attention to her. Since she knows how annoying that is, she always tries to give the type of customer service she would expect herself.

Karla Alvarez has worked at Deluxe for almost 4 years in the Customer Relations Department. She conducts good customer service daily by having a positive attitude and being very attentive to the customers’ needs and having empathy for their situation. For her, the most important aspect of customer service is having a positive attitude. When customers are genuinely thankful and show their appreciation for the service she provided, Karla is motivated to provide the best customer service possible. It’s that satisfied feeling of knowing she helped resolve their issue and that they’ll continue doing business with our company because of the service she provided.

If you’re in customer service, what are your thoughts? How do you give the best customer service possible?


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