Five Retailer Tips to Capture Sales for Dads and Grads

Contributing Author on May 12, 2014 - 10:22 am in Holiday, Marketing

dads and grads

What do dads and grads have in common? Reasons to celebrate this time of year. We’re in the midst of high school and college graduation season, and Father’s Day is right around the corner on June 15.

While these two groups differ greatly in their wants and needs, there’s no reason you can’t market for both occasions at the same time. In the process, you’ll save on the cost and effort required to promote these deals separately.

Check out these five tips to capture retail sales for both dads and graduates:


Now that Mother’s Day has passed, remind them to think about gifts for dads and grads too. Use signage and banners in your store, on your website, and on your social media pages. Spread the word in direct and email campaigns, local-newspaper ads, and other events where you’ll have a marketing presence.

Share ideas.

Many shoppers struggle to come up with gift ideas. Suggest items you offer that top dads’ and grads’ wish lists. For dads, think tools, ties, and grilling gadgets. For grads, think coffee, tech, totes, and items for setting up new homes away from home. Create corresponding merchandise displays in store to make it easy for shoppers to see what you have to offer dads, grads, and them, too.

Gift wrap for free.

Make sure you have gift wrap, gift bags, ribbons and bows in patterns that appeal to both groups. Then let your customers know that if they shop for the dads and grads in their lives at your store, you’ll wrap every gift they purchase from you, free of charge.

Offer gift cards.

For the dads and grads who’d rather choose their own gifts, gift cards are an ideal solution. At the checkout, offer them gift card boxes for packaging. For extra pizazz, tie ribbons around the gift card boxes and add seals custom-printed with your store logo.

Capture repeat business.

Before shoppers leave your store, give them a compelling reason to return. For example, you might promote a special summer sale event, hand them a buy-one-get-one-free coupon, or invite them to a barbecue to take place in June. For more ideas, check out our article, 3 Criteria for Making a Successful Bounce Back Promotion.

Marketing gift ideas for dads and grads is a popular retail trend. Now’s the time to go after these sales for your business. Simply follow the five tips we’ve shared with you, then share your successes and additional ideas with us.



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