How to Dominate the First Page of Google for Your Brand

Alyssa Doebler on April 27, 2015 - 9:09 am in Marketing

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In today’s world, people are looking for products and services online, and it is essential that your business is found there. When people search for your brand online, wouldn’t it be nice if your business showed up in positions 1-10 and fully dominated the first page of Google? Don’t let competitors steal your business by showing up in searches for your brand. We are going to walk through some ways in which you can help ensure your business ranks for all searches related to your brand.

There is a study conducted by Google called Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), which reveals that consumers typically view on average 10.4 sources before making any purchase decision. When consumers are looking at these 10.4 sources, you want your brand to be seen multiple times. The increased brand exposure makes it much more likely they will buy from you versus a competitor if they view your brand multiple times. One way to do this is to dominate the first page of search results. Let’s dive into how to do this!

First, make sure your website is optimized so people find your business when searching for you. If you need help optimizing your website, check out this article: 4 Tips to Optimize Your Website for SEO. In Google, when someone types in a search, your domain can only show up twice on each page of search results. If you’ve optimized your website for your brand, you should rank twice on the first page of Google for branded searches. That leaves eight other positions where your brand could be ranking. Utilizing online directories and taking advantage of social media sites are two of the most effective ways of dominating the first page of Google for your brand.

How does one win at social media and rank for branded searches?

1. Complete all profile information

Each social channel has an About section where you can fill out information about your business. Utilize every portion of this section, and don’t leave anything blank. The more details you are able to give about your business, the greater chance Google will give you rankings. As you can see in the below example of Deluxe (Bags & Bows’ parent company), every portion of their Facebook profile is filled out and really specific. Use keywords relevant to your business when filling out these profiles.

dominate google facebook pagedominate google facebook about us

2. Be consistent

Make sure all of your social media pages have consistent information. Your business name, contact information, and website should appear the exact same wherever your business is listed online (or offline). If you have inconsistent information, Google may choose to not list you in search results because it creates a poor user experience. Moz has a great tool to check and see if your business listings are consistent across directories and social sites, which I’d recommend using.

Also, make sure your brand voice is consistent across all social channels and your website. Even though each social site has a different purpose and target demographic, you should still maintain a consistent and distinctive brand voice. Adapt your communication style to each type of social platform while maintaining a consistent brand voice and image.

3. Engage your audience

While the content you promote on social media doesn’t necessarily affect your rankings in Google, it’s important to engage with your followers and give them a reason to keep following your brand. The temptation with social media is to push out your own content and agenda without taking time to listen to your followers. This is not the purpose of social media. Make sure you are engaging with your followers and creating a community. People like to feel like they belong to something. Are you giving them a reason to belong to your brand’s social media pages? Are you creating a community where people feel valued and heard? Be publishing and promoting content that creates conversation with your followers, and engage in that conversation! Here’s a great example of a local bookstore sharing relevant content that engages its followers:

engage on facebook

We are bombarded with an abundance of content on a daily basis. What makes your content unique and something that people will want to read? When you are posting content to your social sites, make sure that it is relevant, fresh, and engaging. You can also post articles and how-to’s from other sources if you think your audience would find it helpful. Engaging your audience and giving them a reason to interact with you is the main importance. Using images and videos versus only text is a great way to increase interaction and engagement. It’s okay to occasionally post about your products and services, but those types of posts should be in the minority. Provide useful, engaging, and entertaining content for your community. Upcoming events, sales, and promotions are also good to post.

There are so many different social platforms your business could be using. Rather than signing up for every single one, see which ones make sense for you, and devote your time and energy there. Which sites do your customers use? What type of content are you promoting, and where would it make the most sense to promote? Check back next month for a new blog post which will help you decide which social platforms you should be using.


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