How to Increase Sales by Marketing to Smartphones

smartphone marketing

Have you ever asked the question, “What did we used to do before smartphones?” I know I have. Just this weekend I was out with some coworkers, and we were all on our phones trying to find a place to go to eat and then using our GPS’s to figure out how to get there. The increase in smartphone usage is a huge opportunity for retailers and businesses. Let’s take a look at how people use their phones while shopping, and how you can use this data to your advantage and increase sales.

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10 Marketing Statistics Every Retailer Should Know

marketing statistics

Do you use statistics to map out your marketing strategy? If not, you could be missing out on excellent opportunities to get your products in front of customers and drive retail sales. The following lists ten marketing statistics every retailer should know.

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Social Tools Your Business Should Be Using

by Jim Gallagher

social tools

We all know the big ones: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram (to name just the biggest players in the game; there are plenty more). If you’re not already on one or more of these, you probably have your reasons: too time consuming, can’t find your niche, don’t know what to write, etc. In this digital age, however, a business not utilizing a social networking strategy is a business that is falling behind the times. Here’s a short list of easy-to-use, helpful tools and platforms you may not have considered for breaking into the social world:

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4 Tips to Optimize Your Website for SEO

by Chrissi Reimer


optimize website seo

Recently, I had the chance to offer an SEO 101 seminar to local small businesses from the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce. We covered many of the basics, but also dug into some of the nitty-gritty details related to Search Engine Optimization. In a perfect world, I’d love to be able to answer all of your SEO questions individually — but for now, I will offer a summary of the advice I shared with these business owners.

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