4 Ways to Increase Impulse Buys in Your Shop

impulse buys

Most shopping trips involve some sort of impulse buy. You’re in line and realize you need gum or mints or chapstick. Or maybe it’s not even a need. You see a candy bar or bottle of soda, and you’re in the mood for something sweet, so you make the purchase. At a clothing store, you’re checking out and they offer you sunglasses or nail polish or earrings for a ridiculously low price. How can anyone say no?

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4 Marketing Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day

fathers day marketing ideas

Every third Sunday in June is set aside to honor our fathers. Our dads are the ones who showed us support, taught us how to play ball, mended our wounds, and always encouraged us to do our best. As we approach Father’s Day, is your business ready to celebrate the occasion? Below are four fun ideas for preparing your business for Father’s Day.

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5 Attention-Getting Window Cling Ideas for Retailers

window cling ideas

Window clings can be excellent marketing tools for retailers, especially retailers located in busy shopping districts. Customers flock to malls, strip malls, and downtown shopping areas, but so do competitors. The key to success is getting customers in your door instead of the competition’s, and you can do it with the following five attention-getting window cling marketing ideas for retailers.

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Life & Business Lessons I Learned in Mexico


group mexico beach

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In honor of the holiday, this post focuses on my recent trip to Mexico and some business and life lessons I learned while I was there. A group of individuals and I went to Mexico for nine days. We helped with a lot of service-related projects and experienced Mexican culture to the fullest. Here are 9 lessons learned from the experience that relate to life and business:

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How to Dominate the First Page of Google for Your Brand

April 27, 2015

superhero kid dominates first page google

In today’s world, people are looking for products and services online, and it is essential that your business is found there. When people search for your brand online, wouldn’t it be nice if your business showed up in positions 1-10 and fully dominated the first page of Google? Don’t let competitors steal your business by showing up in searches for your brand. We are going to walk through some ways in which you can help ensure your business ranks for all searches related to your brand.

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Take Advantage of the Warmer Weather to Increase Sales

April 13, 2015

increase sales

By the time we reach mid-April, it’s usually safe to say that winter is behind us. (However, just last week it was snowing here in Minnesota, so nothing is ever certain). The warmer weather opens up many more opportunities for marketing and promoting your business. Everything comes to life, and people come out of hibernation. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can take advantage of the warmer weather to increase sales (before the winter comes yet again)!

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Run to Win the Race Against the Competition

April 7, 2015


When someone opens his or her own business, there is passion, purpose, and vision. Risk is involved, and people wouldn’t do it if they didn’t truly believe their idea added value. However, there are so many businesses out there offering similar products and services. Don’t let your business get lost in the crowd. Even if you offer essentially the same products as a competitor, you can still set yourself apart and give people a reason to choose you over the competition. Here are a few ways you can do that.

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3 Necessities of a Professional Logo Design

March 31, 2015

professional logo design

A custom logo design not only helps your business become more recognizable, but it also establishes credibility with potential customers. Learn how these three key areas of logo design come together to provide a memorable, visual experience that set your business stand apart from the competition.

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7 Ways to Promote Your Business on a Budget

March 24, 2015

promote business on budget

Last summer we wrote a blog post on how to promote your business on a budget. As a follow-up to that blog post, we have created an infographic which details seven simple ways you can promote your business without overspending your budget.

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5 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Gift Retailers


As a small gift retailer you’re always on the lookout for ways to outdo your competitors and fuel more foot traffic and customer purchases, but sometimes it’s tough to add to an established marketing budget or to deviate from what works. The good news is there are several cheap yet powerful marketing weapons you can add to your arsenal – tools that cost little but have the potential for huge response. To that end, the following lists five cheap-yet-powerful marketing tools for small gift retailers.

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