You Can Judge a Store by its Bag

Charlene Williams on June 30, 2014 - 11:42 am in Marketing, Retail Shop

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Do you ever feel more glamorous than when you’re strolling out of a boutique with a beautiful shopping bag?

This glorious act makes me feel just like a celebrity, strolling from shop to shop with hands full of designer shopping bags.  Such high-quality bags not only reflect well on the merchandise they carry, but also on the stores they came from.

As a surface design and trend consultant, it’s my job to create graphics and patterns that adorn many everyday products as well as spot the trends in color, pattern and design that influence them. It is no surprise that I ended up being a product designer since I’ve worked most of my life in retail. 

During my college years, I was inspired while working at an upscale bath and body store.  From their beautifully designed product bottles and boxes to their gold-foil embossed shopping bags with rope handles, every aspect of this company offered luxury.

Customers went out of their way to visit our stores because we offered free gift-wrapping year round, which simply consisted of our shopping bag with a little tissue paper and ribbon.  Our bags worked like small, but high-quality billboards for our store as they were carried throughout the mall.

Here are three ways you can enhance your customers’ shopping experiences with high-quality merchandise packaging:

  • Consider color: Use colors and materials that best convey your brand. For example, a sage green logo on a lightweight, recycled bag communicates “earth friendly” and “modest,” while gold lettering on heavy paper shouts “luxurious!”
  • Add a personal touch, such as your logo on customized boxes and bags. Bags & Bows now offers hot stamping online, making it easy to customize packaging.
  • Remember the details. You might wrap each purchase in signature-pattern tissue paper with a customized seal before bagging. Or perhaps you could offer customized envelopes, gift card boxes, gift tags or note cards for your customers’ gift-giving convenience.

Shoppers will appreciate the little things you do to make their experiences inside – and walking out of – your store more memorable. To learn more about how to enhance your brand image with high-quality, customized merchandise packaging, visit Bags & Bows.




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