9 Outdoor Marketing Strategies to Attract New Customers

Brian Morris on September 8, 2014 - 9:06 am in Marketing, Retail Shop

store window displayThere are myriad marketing opportunities to promote your shop, but many small retailers often overlook outdoor marketing strategies to attract new customers. Several outdoor marketing tools are cheap to produce and distribute, and they can get your shop in front of hundreds or even thousands of potential new customers with minimal effort. If you want to boost business at your shop, consider the following ten outdoor marketing strategies to attract new customers.

store banners1. Banners

Banners are versatile outdoor marketing tools; they can be placed outside your storefront to promote special sales as well as near busy intersections traversed by hundreds or thousands of potential customers. Banners are also cheap to print, so your investment to reach each potential customer is incredibly low.

 2. Stickers

The best outdoor stickers work with or contrast against their environments. Think of creative ways to use stickers to lead customers to your store. If you’re located in a mall, for example, and you want to promote a birthday sale you could print “clown footprint” stickers that lead to your storefront.

 3. Door hangers

Cheap to print and impossible to ignore, door hangers distributed to targeted neighborhoods can generate excellent returns on investment.

 4. Posters

Strategically-placed posters – those hung where your target customers will see them – can serve as excellent customer draws. Use posters to promote your special sales, exclusive items, and even interactive features. A QR code that can be scanned and lets customers sign up to your email newsletter or “like” you on Facebook in return for an instant coupon code can be incredibly powerful.

sidewalk sale5. Sidewalk sales

Nice day out? Take some of the products you want to move quickly and place them on a manned table right outside your establishment. Those who might otherwise have simply window shopped their way past your storefront will now stop and check out your merchandise – and buy some while they’re at it.

 6. Flyers

Similar to, yet more versatile than posters, flyers can be distributed just about anywhere: windows, walls, mirrors, community bulletin boards, counters, under windshield wipers, and more.

 7. Auto decals

Bumper stickers, move aside: door and window stickers stand out more and can make sure your brand gets noticed everywhere you go, from when you run errands around town to when you take a cross-state trek.

 8. Stuff for kids

Bounce houses and other inflatables, petting zoos, and other kids-oriented freebies are great ways to drive the whole family to your establishment.  You can typically rent bounce houses and inflatables on the cheap, and small scale petting zoos are often agreeable to show up for a reduce price or even free if there are marketing opportunities.

 9. Outdoor challenge

outdoor marketing dunk tankGet some positive PR and attract throngs to your storefront with a special challenge that customers will love. You might, for example, hold a best-dressed or even a “kissing contest” for your Valentine’s Day promotions. Or, set up a dunk tank and let customers try to dunk a local celebrity – for each dunk, they get a percentage and you donate a small portion to a local charity.

As you can see, there are a variety of outdoor marketing tools available to you. Try a few out and do your best to measure their response; chances are, you’ll find an excellent outdoor marketing strategy you’ve been ignoring that can boost business for your shop this year. And after you’ve created your outdoor marketing strategy, make sure your in-store messaging is in sync.

Have you tried any outdoor marketing tactics that worked well for your business? Comment and let us know what you’ve tried!


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