5 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Small Gift Retailers

Brian Morris on March 9, 2015 - 11:20 am in Marketing, Retail Shop


As a small gift retailer you’re always on the lookout for ways to outdo your competitors and fuel more foot traffic and customer purchases, but sometimes it’s tough to add to an established marketing budget or to deviate from what works. The good news is there are several cheap yet powerful marketing weapons you can add to your arsenal – tools that cost little but have the potential for huge response. To that end, the following lists five cheap-yet-powerful marketing tools for small gift retailers.

1.  Customer loyalty/rewards cards

You can print business cards as rewards cards and offer customers a discount once they’ve had every box on their cards punched or stamped. This can be a great way to motivate customer loyalty, and if you ask for an email address when they sign up you can grow your list.

2.  Window clings

Window clings are perfect marketing tools if you’re located in a high-foot-traffic area, such as a mall or downtown shopping district. Print window clings that are ultra-attention-getting and that promote your special discounts or unique benefits. Imagine yourself as a customer and figure out what would capture your attention and persuade you to walk into your store, then design and print window clings that motivate customers to do the same.

3.  Stickers

Print stickers to give to your customers when they make purchases. Their friends and family members will see the stickers, and you’ll get great brand awareness. Over time, that brand recognition will result in more customers. If you can come up with a sticker design customers will genuinely want to prominently display, you can’t go wrong with sticker marketing.

4.  Banners

If you’re having a special sale, particularly for the holidays, a well-placed vinyl banner can prompt foot traffic. Design banners to promote your discount sales and/or unique benefits, then place them at the entrance to the mall, near busy intersections, near your storefront, at events, and anywhere else a large portion of your audience is likely to notice them.

5.  Hang tags

Great hang tags lead to impulse buys. Use hang tags to brand your company, tell the story of your brand or products, and to promote special discounts. Extra-large hang tags are the most attention-getting. Hang tags can also be used to suggest matching and add-on products; or to promote services your customers might not know you offer, such as gift-wrapping.

If you operate a small retail gift shop and you’re not taking advantage of these cheap-yet-powerful marketing tools, chances are you’re missing out on sales and profit. Take a moment to consider how each strategy might help you grow your business, then come up with a plan to test them. The best part? You can print any of these marketing tools for less than $200.


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