5 Easy Ways to Increase Retail Sales by 10% or More

Brian Morris on February 23, 2015 - 11:51 am in Marketing, Retail Shop

increase retail sales

You know retail sales can be challenging, but the rewards can be mighty. The key to retail success, of course, is sales; and no matter what level of business you’re currently doing you can always stand to increase sales. The following lists five easy ways to increase retail sales by ten percent or more.

1. Train your staff to sell

Focus on training your staff to sell instead of only focusing on training them on tasks such as how to use the cash register, how to turn on the lights, and how to lock up the doors for closing. How many would-be customers leave retail stores because they can’t get the help they need?

If you want to boost sales, train your staff to sell. Your training should cover areas such as:

  • Product education, so employees can explain the benefits of products and offer insightful comparisons to help customers make purchasing decisions.
  • What questions to ask customers to help them find what they’re looking for (which, in turn, leads to happy customers, repeat sales, and word-of-mouth marketing).
  • When to approach customers to help them, and when to let them browse; you don’t want customers to feel as though they’re being subjected to a sales pitch. Rather, you want your employees to provide valuable assistance.
  • The benefits of purchasing from you versus your competitors.

2. Repetition in marketing

The biggest retailers know repetition is critical to marketing success. As such, you should regularly engage customers with relevant marketing designed to motivate sales. Special offers, discounts, buy-one-get-ones, etc., are all great; but they’re more effective when delivered in routine. Monthly postcards, quarterly catalogs, weekly emails, and daily social media marketing are easy ways to boost sales.

3. Develop a rewards program

Reward loyal customers by providing incentives to buy from you every time. You can print loyalty program cards to stamp each time a customer makes a purchase; once they’ve made a certain number of purchases, they can be eligible for a freebie, special discount, or other reward.

Promote your rewards program regularly (training your staff is huge for this) and make your incentives count. The more attractive your program, the more customers will take advantage of it and the more sales you’ll make.

4. Participate in your customers’ community

Be where your customers are. Participate in their community. When customers identify with you, they trust you and they’re confident doing business with you. Networking is a key strategy for any business, including retail businesses. It also gives you a great opportunity to hand out coupons or talk about upcoming special sales to generate interest in your business. Consider attending and even hosting events for your customers to build your own community, centered on your business.

5. Don’t forget add-ons

Retail shops always have great opportunities boost the value of every sale. You can offer greeting cards and gift wrapping for an additional fee. If someone purchases a product, you can suggest complementary products. Add-on products, especially those that create convenience or help customers enjoy the product they’re already buying, are some of the easiest ways to boost sales.

If correctly executed, these five ideas can help you boost retail sales by 10 percent or more. How do you boost retail sales?


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