5 Easy Add-Ons to Boost Holiday Sales

Brian Morris on December 7, 2015 - 1:45 pm in Holiday, Retail Shop

During the Christmas shopping season, 2012

Looking for ways to increase holiday sales in your retail shop? Add-ons can be powerful tools for boosting sales and profits. Great holiday add-ons feature the following characteristics:

  • They create desire
  • They make life easier or enhance a gift
  • They have good profit margins – you can add them to a base product, slightly increase the price, and yield greater profits – OR they lead to increased profits by sales volume

Keep reading for some easy holiday add-on ideas.


Gift-wrapping is the perfect holiday add-on. Many shoppers do not like to wrap gifts – or, at least, they don’t like to wrap the volume of gifts they buy during the holiday season. Thus, gift-wrapping creates desire to shop from you and makes life easier for your customers.

Gift-wrapping can also increase profits in one of two ways. You could offer gift-wrapping free-of-charge, which gives customers an incentive to buy from you and increases sales volume. Or, you can offer gift-wrapping for a nominal fee that increases your overall profit-per-sale. Bags & Bows offers a wide selection of holiday gift wrap, perfect for sending your customers off with some holiday cheer.

Commemorative poster or booklet

If you deal in products loved by hobbyists and enthusiasts, such as sports-related collectibles or pop culture memorabilia, you can offer a commemorative poster or booklet as an add-on for relevant gifts. Create a unique booklet celebrating a certain type of product or franchise (make sure you have rights first); or, hire a graphic designer to craft unique artwork for a commemorative poster. You might even offer frames for an additional fee.

Commemorative posters and booklets give your shop a unique incentive enthusiasts will love, so the people buying for them have desire to shop from you. They enhance the base products and present opportunities to make more money from each sale.

Gift packaging

Package relevant gifts together in unique sets your competitors aren’t offering to create desire for your products and allow customers to get complete gift sets in a single purchase. If you sell luxury soaps, for example, you could offer a set of hand towels plus a soap holder as add-ons in a complete set. The original gift is enhanced, and you earn more profits.

Free expedited shipping

This idea isn’t unique, but it’s certainly desirable. Free two-day shipping is a great way to attract last-minute shoppers to your business. It makes life easier and leads to more sales – everything else being equal, customers will choose you over your competitors in order to get free expedited shipping.

Holiday cards

If you’re not selling holiday cards at your retail store, you’re missing a golden opportunity to increase sales and profits. Set up a holiday card display – you can even make your own custom holiday cards online – and be sure to ask each customer if they’d like to add a holiday card to their order. Better yet, offer holiday cards and gift-wrapping in a complete package to make your store the one-stop holiday shop!

Holiday cards are already in-demand, and offering them at your store both enhances your gifts and makes life easier for your customers. You’ll increase per-sale profits with an extra item to sell, and you’ll increase sales volume if your customers know they can get all of their shopping done in one place.

Increasing holiday profits doesn’t always mean getting more customers; often, it means giving your customers something else to purchase. Take advantage of these holiday add-on ideas to make this your most profitable holiday season yet!


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