3 Branding Tips to Set Your Business Apart

Alyssa Doebler on August 17, 2015 - 2:11 pm in Marketing

branding tips

What do people think of when they think of your business? What does your brand stand for? Having a strong brand can significantly increase your sales. We can all think of businesses with a strong brand and die-hard followers: Apple, Nike, and Jeep, just to name a few. While these are huge companies, there is something to learn from their branding techniques that can be applied to small businesses. Here are a few ways branding tips you can use to increase sales.

1. Be consistent

It’s important to maintain a consistent brand image wherever your business is mentioned. Your online and offline presence should portray the same message. This includes all social media accounts, website, print media, outdoor advertising, etc. Are you using the same logo, colors, and business name? There may be different variations of your business name; make sure you and your employees are always utilizing the same one in written and verbal communications.

Keep your brand voice consistent as well. Are you a more formal business? Or, are you more trendy and fun with a laid-back voice? Always use the same type of voice in your written communications. It may help to have an easy cheat sheet available to all of your employees which details your brand, what it stands for, and the voice behind it. In addition, make sure your employees are representing your brand well in a consistent manner with customers who come into your shop.

2. Keep it simple

Fancier doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things in life. Apple’s logo is simple: an apple. Nike’s slogan is three simple words: “Just Do It.” People are more likely to remember a straightforward simple brand versus a highly complex brand. Be creative in your branding, but don’t be so creative that you miss the point of having a memorable brand. Make sure your branding makes sense for the type of business and customer base you have.

3. Consider a brand refresh

Maybe your brand is outdated or has been used inconsistently. Is it time for a brand refresh? You don’t have to update everything about your brand; you could focus on updating your logo, tagline, or the colors you use. If you’re interested in updating your brand’s colors, this infographic is a great resource on the meaning behind colors and how different colors work better for different types of businesses. If you want to update your logo, now is a great time to get ready for the holidays. Our parent company, Deluxe, offers logo design.

And remember, give your brand a personality. Maybe you already have an amazing brand image, you just need to add a little zest and get the word out!


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