10 Tips for Summer Sales Retail Marketing

Brian Morris on July 24, 2015 - 10:46 am in Marketing, Retail Shop

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Want to boost profits this summer with a special sale? You’ll need powerful marketing to lure customers away from summer fun long enough to browse and buy at your shop. The following lists ten tips for marketing summer sales.

1. Go big

Your summer sale has to matter. Don’t just offer the routine ten percent off deal; make it special somehow. A larger discount, a freebie, or some other incentive can go a long way toward making your summer sale a success. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: what would it take for you to take advantage of a special offer today? Make your summer sales match that (and still be profitable), and your customers will come.

2. Blanket the town with flyers

Print flyers that promote your summer sale, then pass them out en masse wherever your audience congregates. Start posting flyers a few weeks before your sale, and consider including perforated bottom tabs so customers can tear them off and keep them as reminders.

3. Command traffic with banners

Banner printing is a great way to promote your summer sale to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers at an incredibly cheap cost-per-view. Print large banners and place them along busy roadways, near high-traffic intersections, in shopping districts, and areas your customers frequent to get the word out.

4. Make it an event

Can your summer sale piggyback on a unique event that gets customers and even the media involved? How about a business challenge, a world record-breaking attempt, a family fun day, a concert, or simply a customer appreciation cookout? Make your event relevant to your business and your audience to yield an excellent turnout and outstanding sale figures.

5. Send direct-mail postcards

You can send targeted postcards to your specific audience or Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcards to make sure everyone in your zip code hears about your summer sale. Promote a special offer your customers want to take advantage of, and your postcards should deliver plenty of buyers to your summer sale.

6. Hold a VIP-only sale

Consider holding a special summer sale only available to your very best customers. Offer exclusive products or discounts, and send invitation cards or greeting cards to invite your VIP customers. Make it clear they’re special to you and are part of a small number of customers who are receiving your invitation. This is a great way to not only attract customers to your sale, but also to foster long-term loyalty – even from those who can’t attend your sale.

7. Show-up incentives

Consider offering an incentive to anyone who shows up, regardless of whether they buy or not. You don’t have to go over-the-top: if it’s hot out, offer ice water or glasses of lemonade to passers-by. Invite people to beat the heat by enjoying refreshments and your air conditioning, then promote your summer sale while they’re there. Not everyone will buy, but some will – and you’ll introduce your shop to plenty of new people. If you don’t want to stand outside, use window clings to promote your refreshments.

8. Work Facebook heavily

Facebook can be a great way to promote summer retail sales. Boost posts to your fan base and targeted demographics. Even if you don’t have a lot of Facebook page likes, targeted boosts can reach large audiences of likely customers. Engage in conversations on relevant pages to find opportunities to promote your sales as well.

9. Distribute door hangers

Door hangers offer all the benefits of postcards at a cheaper price, since you don’t have to pay for postage. Sure, you’ll have to hit the streets to distribute them, but the payoff of door hangers can’t be ignored: they have to be individually handled and aren’t lumped in with direct mail.

10. Add a multi-person discount sale

Here’s a great way to triple your sales: ask customers to bring two friends with them and offer an additional percentage off for all three customers if each makes a purchase. For example, you might offer ten percent off for each person if all three buy, for a total of 30 percent off each. This promotion turns individual customers into ambassadors who use word-of-mouth marketing to introduce your business to new customers.

Don’t let summer recreation but a damper on your business; take advantage of these summer sales marketing tips to keep business hot all season long.



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