10 Marketing Statistics Every Retailer Should Know

Brian Morris on June 15, 2015 - 9:45 am in Marketing, Online Marketing

marketing statistics

Do you use statistics to map out your marketing strategy? If not, you could be missing out on excellent opportunities to get your products in front of customers and drive retail sales. The following lists ten marketing statistics every retailer should know.

1. Adding social media buttons to your emails can increase click-through rates by more than 150 percent

Do you send regular emails to your customers? If you don’t, start; and if you do, make sure you feature social media sharing buttons in a prominent place to increase click-through rates. When customers share, their friends are exposed to your marketing, too – even if the original customer doesn’t buy. (Source)


2. Print marketing is the most trusted form of advertising

A full 56 percent of consumers report that print marketing is the most trustworthy type of advertising. That’s good news for local retailers, for whom direct-mail takes up 43 percent of marketing activities. (Source)

3. Brick and mortar still rules, but ecommerce and mobile are making waves

By 2017, major retailers expect sales sources to be divided as such:

  • 76.55 percent via brick and mortar
  • 14.66 percent via ecommerce
  • 6.5 percent via mobile (Source)

4. Print catalogs drive online sales

Online sales might be increasing, but they’re not doing it through online marketing alone: 58 percent of consumers say they shop online after getting ideas from print catalogs, and 31 percent say they shop online with print catalogs in-hand. (Source)


5. Retail apps are growing in popularity

Should you offer retail sales on a mobile-ready website, an app, or both? Both is the correct answer, as you need your site to be mobile-friendly and apps are responsible for 42 percent of mobile retail sales. The key is to make your app unique by giving customers great reasons to come back. (Source)

6. Online reviews are important

It’s estimated that nearly half of all online shoppers read reviews and check blogs for reviews before making purchases. While the online review process might be somewhat unfair for retailers (it’s easy for anyone to anonymously bash your company without giving you a chance to offer a solution), it’s a necessary evil for building a reputation and attracting customers. Remember: people can review your business even if you don’t have a website or other online presence. (Source)

7. Only 28 percent of U.S.-based small businesses are selling online

Translated, that means there’s a world of opportunity in an online market that could be virtually untapped by your industry. (Source)

8. Direct-marketing has a 13-1 average ROI ratio

Though it’s easy to want to divert your marketing budget to the digital environment, going overboard puts your company at risk. Print marketing is a proven retail marketing strategy that has the potential to yield an outstanding return on investment. (Source)

9. Think younger demographics are best reached via digital? Think again

A full 92 percent of young adults prefer direct-marketing to digital marketing when it comes to making purchasing decisions. We might speculate the reason is because they’re not as accustomed to getting direct-mail, or that they’re numb to digital marketing, or they see their parents receive direct-mail and feel more respected or important when they receive postcards and other direct-mail marketing literature. All of those factors and more likely play roles, but the important thing is to know young people love print marketing. (Source)

10. Social and print integrate well

More than 80 percent of social media users say they enjoy receiving special offers in the mail – once again demonstrating that print, indeed, is not dead. (Source)

The next time you’re planning a marketing campaign, reference these statistics and research more marketing statistics specific to your industry. You might find data that validates your plan and lends a sense of confidence; or, you might find data that helps you hone your marketing campaigns for greater return on investment.


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