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Alyssa Doebler on February 3, 2015 - 4:33 pm in Retail Shop

gift bags tug of war

Millions gathered on Sunday, February 1 to cheer for the Seahawks or the Patriots in the 49th Super Bowl. Whether it’s the Super Bowl, a game of softball with friends, or a high school track meet, life is full of contests and competitions. They motivate us to do our best and give us passion and drive. Here at Bags & Bows we have our own monthly competition. It’s called Tug of War.

Each month we pick two of our products to compete against each other. Usually these two products fall within a similar category: gift bag versus gift bag, gift wrap versus gift wrap, or collection versus collection. We then ask our social media followers to vote for their favorite product for a chance to win. The winner is randomly selected and gets a free mini pack of the winning product.

During February, two of our new collections are competing against each other: Bold Expressions versus The Wild Side. Which bold look do you prefer: the vibrant colors of Bold Expressions or the animal print of The Wild Side? Vote today for a chance to win some free gift bags!

Just like the 49th Super Bowl was a nail biter, we never know the winner of Tug of War until the very end. However, unlike the Super Bowl, you actually have input in choosing which team wins. So, which one do you like better? Bold Expressions? The Wild Side? Take a minute and vote for your favorite, and you could win!


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