5 Ways Retailers Can Reduce Stress This Holiday

Sara Summers on December 14, 2014 - 2:17 pm in Holiday, Retail Shop


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The holidays can be a busy and stressful time especially if you’re in retail! While everyone else is out decking the halls and getting ready to celebrate the season through gift giving, you’re in the store helping them find the perfect gift. Meanwhile you and your employees are wondering when they will have time to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, if you’ll reach projected sales volume, and if you’ll get a moment of silence just to relax from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. If this sounds familiar, keep reading to reduce stress, create a merrier store environment for you and your employees, and enjoy the holiday season this year!

1) Prepare in Advance

The holidays are crazy every year! What can you do to reduce the craziness and stress with it? Can you plan your employee schedules earlier? Can you concept your window and POP displays before the rush? Can you put together a gift-wrapping center and get some volunteers to help to increase customer goodwill and sales? Getting more done in advance will reduce stress when the holidays arrive.

 2) Partner with a Local Salon

Speak to a local salon about creating a partnership this year. They may be open to offering chair massages to you, your employees and even your shoppers in exchange for a discount for items in your store or the opportunity for additional brand exposure to get in front of your customers. Partnering with a local salon can increase sales and foot traffic to your store while giving yourself and your employees a treat! This also makes a great gift for you and your family and friends.

3) Be a Little Selfish

Yes, it’s the season for giving, but once in a while you need to give to yourself! Take a few minutes each day to focus and relax whether it’s a quick jog, yoga, meditation, prayer, a bubble bath, or a game of Candy Crush. These few moments to yourself will reduce stress and give you a break you may not even know you need! Trust me you, your employees and your customers will appreciate you more with a positive attitude and a more sane approach.

4) Host an Industry Night

Finding time to shop when you are the place others shop is very challenging. Can you and a few other local boutiques band together to create an industry night where you stay open late or open doors early to shop at each other’s stores? Just make sure that you split up the in-store duties so everyone gets a chance to shop.

5) Make Healthy Choices

With all of the holiday treats, sweets, and stress of the season it’s easy to ignore your health and forget to eat, overeat, or push our bodies past their limits. So take care of yourself! Instead of turning to cigarettes, chug a bottle of water, make healthy snacks for your back room, and order a happy light to help you and your employees fight the winter blues.

With these 5 tips you’ll reduce stress and improve morale allowing you to enjoy this holiday season!


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