Proud to Announce New Partnership with Piper-Collection

by Eric Ellis

As an industry leader in the retail packaging space, Bags & Bows is always searching for opportunities to create new, innovative ways to present packaging options to our customers that inspire and transform their products, stores, and lives.

Having just celebrated our 20 year anniversary in April, we are excited to announce this trend will continue as Bags & Bows rolls out a strategic partnership with a designer collection of new products. This partnership will be officially launched in July to coincide with AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia. Given that AmericasMart is one of the most prestigious packaging tradeshows in the country, it seems fitting we launch this new partnership at the July show, since this is where the story began just shy of a year ago.

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How to Move Your External Marketing Messages In Store

marketing messages

Marketing may seem like it all happens outside the store – in media or across cyberspace. But savvy retailers make sure to unify their external marketing messages and in-store experiences. You want to make sure your store’s external marketing messages are harmonized with your customers’ in-store experiences.

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How A Cosmetic Business Wins Over Its Online Customers

aromi logo

Aromi is a boutique fragrance and cosmetic company that specializes in products that are handmade with the finest raw materials. The founder, Hannah Follis, a chemist by trade, is passionate about creating handmade fragrances, cosmetics, and beauty products.

Aromi has vendors that carry their products, or “stockists”, as Hannah calls them, in 9 states, but she also sells her products online via ecommerce on Aromi’s website and Etsy. However, Hannah goes beyond the typical ecommerce site to promote Aromi online. Below are three tips to successfully promote your business online and how Aromi does it.

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3 Questions to Ask When Planning an Employee Appreciation Event

May 19, 2014

Employee appreciation events are a great way to encourage camaraderie and thank your employees for their hard work promoting a happy workplace. Fast Company reports happier people are about 12% more productive, therefore an employee appreciation event may actually add value to your company’s ROI.

Here are the top 3 questions to ask when planning a customer appreciation event and a closer look at different types of events and venues to best fit your needs.

1.  What is your budget?

Know your budget

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Five Retailer Tips to Capture Sales for Dads and Grads

by Contributing Author

dads and grads

What do dads and grads have in common? Reasons to celebrate this time of year. We’re in the midst of high school and college graduation season, and Father’s Day is right around the corner on June 15.

While these two groups differ greatly in their wants and needs, there’s no reason you can’t market for both occasions at the same time. In the process, you’ll save on the cost and effort required to promote these deals separately.

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The Power of Gift Cards for Your Business


Gift cards make great gifts. They put the consumer in control of what they want to buy from your store instead of receiving something they might like. They provide a solution for the customer who is struggling to find a gift for the person “who has everything” or is “impossible to shop for”. It also provides customers with a turnkey gift-giving solution that is fast and convenient. Although, as USA Today points out,  “retailers can’t count gift card sales as income until they are redeemed,” there are some benefits to the savvy business owner to selling gift cards and gift certificates.

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How To Use Your Logo To Brand Your Business

April 28, 2014

brand logo

A logo is one of the most important branding elements you can have when it comes to branding your business. A logo can serve many different purposes in getting your business noticed, as well as remembered. Learn more about why having a recognizable logo is a vital branding component in our article, “The Importance of a Company Logo“. Now that you have a strong logo, how should you use it and where should you include it to ensure you have an identifiable brand?

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Earth Day: 5 Small Business Tips to Go ‘Green’

Learn how to make your small business more 'green' with these 5 tips.

hFounded in 1970, Earth Day was created to create public consciousness about environmental protection. The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean AirClean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.

Now, 44 years after it was founded, many companies are “going green” through the creation of products or practices that are environmentally friendly. Beyond helping the environment, “going green” can have business benefits as well. As, the Small Business Administration points out, “if you are already competitive in terms of price, quality and performance, adding sustainability and green marketing to your business strategy may enhance your brand image and secure your market share among the growing number of environmentally concerned consumers.” Additionally, many times making environmentally friendly choices can help reduce overhead costs.

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Marketing Tips to Reach Your Target Customer for Mother’s Day

April 14, 2014

mothers day marketing

Question: Who is your target customer on Mother’s Day? Many people target moms, but really, you should be targeting dads & kids.

Most moms don’t buy gifts for themselves on Mother’s Day. Your target audience, then, is their children and even their husbands. Keep in mind the age group you’re marketing to as well; know who your customers are the rest of the year, and you’ll know how old your customers will be for Mother’s Day.

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Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day

April 8, 2014

ideas for mothers day

Mother’s Day spending continues to rise, with the average American shelling out nearly $170 for their moms in 2013. That’s up from an average spend of $127 in 2010, a difference of $43 that represents a meteoric increase over a three-year span. It also makes Mother’s Day a $21 billion market, and as a small business owner you surely want to get your share. The trouble is, so does everyone else – including your competitors. So how do you set yourself apart and command more than your fair share of Mother’s Day sales? The following marketing ideas for Mother’s Day will help.

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