Jumpstart Fall Shopping With These 5 Tips

Sara Summers on August 12, 2014 - 9:16 am in Holiday, Retail Shop

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Autumn brings to mind vibrant colors like those of fall leaves and cooler temperatures. It can be challenging for shoppers to get in the mood of shopping for fall during the dog days of summer. Inspire your customers to start fall shopping now by creating an autumn-inspired atmosphere in your store by immersing customers’ senses. Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1) The Natural Elements of Fall

When we think of fall, we think of nature-inspired decorations from Fall leaves to cornucopia. This is likely in honor of Thanksgiving and its ties to the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving dinner in the new world. Remember that first Thanksgiving this fall by bringing natural decor into your store. By combining items from nature like fall leaves, pine cones, and berries with natural fabric textures like burlap, your store will begin to feel like fall at very little overhead cost. A few other items you might consider bringing into your store this fall are acorns, antlers, tree branches, flowers, wicker baskets, feathers, logs, corn cobs, and gourds.

2) The Colors of Fall

Pantone Fall 2014 Color Trend

Retailers know better than most that there are particular colors that exemplify the fall season. This fall, go beyond just showing off these colors in your products and use accents of fall colors throughout your store. Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2014 is a great resource to make sure you are on top of this year’s color trends before you decorate your store.

3) The Scent of Fall

Out of all of your senses, your sense of smell is closely related to your memory. One reason we are drawn to seasonal smells as adults is because they produce memories from our childhood. Take advantage of this in your store by setting the mood of fall with fall scents throughout your store  like cinnamon, pumpkin and apple pie. You can either choose one scent for your whole store or choose different scents throughout your store so as your customers walk through your store and look at your wares, you evoke new emotions through new scents.

4) The Taste of Fall

Similar to your sense of smell, in fall we crave certain flavors. Satisfy customers’ fall cravings inside your store by serving or selling fall appetizers and desserts with fall flavors of apple, orange, pumpkin, and cinnamon. Not only will this put shoppers in the mindset of autumn, but it will also slow their pace as they peruse your inventory — just be sure whatever you serve doesn’t encourage sticky fingers on your items.

5) The Gift of Fall


Use nature as a simple, inexpensive and eco-friendly way to embellish your in-store gift wrapping.

If you have ever taken a walk through the fallen leaves of autumn, you have probably experienced leaves clinging to your clothing, as though they are trying to go home with you. Tweak this experience to be a positive one in your store by showcasing fall in your check-out process as seen in our 6 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas post. Experiment pairing items from nature with wrapping paper that feels more eco-friendly like Bags and Bows kraft paper and boxes or creating a contrast with brightly colored wrapping paper.

Once you’ve successfully created your fall store atmosphere, it’s easy to build upon these components for each holiday with little effort. Add a few school supplies for back-to-school, carved pumpkins for Halloween, and a cornucopia filled with vegetables for Thanksgiving. Some of the scents, like cinnamon, will even last into the winter holidays.



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