Brighten your Business: How to Decorate Eggs with Tissue Paper

Sara Summers on April 1, 2014 - 10:48 am in Retail Shop

tissue paper eggs

Spring is a great time to bring natural elements into your business for an eco-friendly, inexpensive way to decorate.  You might bring in plants or smaller branches from trees to create displays. You can also decorate eggs and group them in clusters around your store in nests, baskets, egg bouquets, or egg wreaths. It looks great and it’s a wonderful way to use remnant tissue paper, ribbons, and gift-wrap.

What you’ll need:

  • Eggs
  • Needle
  • Turkey baster
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush or sponge
  • Decoupage
  • Toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Newspaper
  • Paint marker (optional)
  • Gift basket box
  • Crinkle

Put down newspaper to protect your work space. Cut toilet paper or paper towel rolls horizontally to create stands for the eggs to dry on. Cut the paper towel roll into small cylinders. These will work great for drying the eggs between coats so your tissue paper doesn’t rip.

Prep the eggs by using the needle to puncture a small whole in each end of the egg. Use the turkey baster to blow out the egg whites and the yoke through the holes in the egg. Put the egg aside to dry. Once your eggs are dry you can start decorating.

Solid color eggSolid eggs- cropped

Start by cutting a square of solid color tissue paper. An 8”x8” square will work great for large chicken eggs. Cover a portion of the egg with decoupage and apply tissue. You can wrap the egg using this method, but you’ll end up with a slightly varied coloring due to layering. You also may need to do a second layer of decoupage for desired smoothness. Another alternative is to cut slits in the tissue as the tissue paper starts to buckle at the eggs’ curves. Think of it as pleating in a woman’s dress. This gives the tissue paper more flexibility leaving cleaner lines.

Patterned egg

You can use the same methodology as a solid colored egg. If you do you’ll end up with overlapping patterns, which can create an interesting effect, as seen in our Chevron Red Tissue Paper.

overlapping patterned egg

patterned Eggs - cropped


However, if you are looking to highlight the pattern you may want to cut the tissue paper into sections. Tissue paper featuring patterns with white backgrounds like the Larissa Collection works great on white chicken eggs. If you are using this method, I recommend applying the largest design first to ensure correct placement and to avoid overlap. Once that is applied, you can glue smaller elements to the egg with the decoupage.  Remember, decoupage dries clear, so applying it to the top and bottom of the tissue will help your final product have a smooth finish and add a bit more durability to your eggs. (It will also add shine if you use a high-gloss decoupage).

Layered Tissue Effect

One option is to cover the egg with a solid color of tissue paper. Once this layer is dry, choose a patterned tissue paper, and cut out a row of designs, or a particular element to highlight on top of the other layer. Remember that tissue paper is a thin material, so you will likely see the underneath color through the top pattern. If you’d like to increase the differentiation between the pattern and the solid color, you can use a paint marker along the edge of the pattern to really make it pop.

hole punch technique

The second option is to use a hole puncher or a scissors to cut shapes into various shapes and layer tissue paper with decoupage to create a stained glass window effect as seen on Spend With Pennies’ blog.

Multimedia Eggs

Dye the egg and layer a strip of tissue paper, solid or patterned, over the dyed egg. You can even accent the egg further with paint markers, permanent markers, rhinestones, glitter, or bows. Featured in the image below left to right: Dyed egg with glue technique accessorized with rhinestones; Egg wrapped with Black Quatrefoil Tissue Paper outlined with a gold paint-marker adding definition to the design; and Egg wrapped with Teal Tissue Paper with a strip of pattern tissue overlaid on top, outlined in gold paint-marker to make the design pop.

Multimedia eggs

Once your eggs are done, take your gift basket box, fill with crinkle, place eggs and you’re finished and ready to display it in your business to add a touch of spring! Remember when you’re decorating to use the merchandising techniques taught in the post 5 Merchandising Tips To Make The Sale, to really catch your customers’ eye.

**For the techniques that include covering the entire egg with tissue, you can also consider using plastic eggs instead of blown out eggs as the base. They are a bit more expensive but also more durable.


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