Creative Marketing Ideas in Honor of Pi Day

Alyssa Doebler on March 11, 2014 - 9:29 am in Holiday, Marketing

creative marketing ideas pi day

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th in honor of the numerical value of pi: 3.14. Since it’s been awhile since many of us have been in high school geometry, here’s a little refresher on the definition of pi (π): the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. While many people celebrate the actual numerical value of pi on this day, you should be happy to know that Pi Day is not only for math-lovers. It’s also the perfect day to consume pie! Here are a few creative marketing ideas on how to use this day (and other random holidays) to drive more awareness and sales to your store.

1. Pique Customers’ Curiosity:

Did you know there a ton of unique and bizarre holidays? Draw attention to these days by having corresponding promotions, giveaways, or events. People tend to pay attention to random facts and trivia. Use this to your advantage and advertise around unique holidays. Check out this site for a compilation of many bizarre holidays you can use in your marketing endeavors.

Whether your shop focuses on pie-related products or not, you can use Pi Day to attract customers. If you are a food or gourmet specialty shop or restaurant, this is the perfect holiday for you! Offer slices of pie for $3.14, or make pies with the pi symbol on them. If you don’t sell pie or anything related to desserts, this is your time to get creative! You could still use the $3.14 promotion idea by having a Flash Sale and selling a variety of items on sale for $3.14 for one day only. Draw attention to specific circular products by making a connection with pi and offering some sort of discount.

2. Incorporate Related Product Packaging:

During the winter holiday season, it’s pretty common to have specific holiday-related packaging. However, for something like Pi Day it doesn’t make sense to purchase a large number of related packaging products. Instead, try to incorporate versatile packaging materials you already have on hand. You could use shoppers or tissue paper that have circles on them for Pi Day. For example, Bags & Bows has a few “circle collections” of products: Descending Circles Frosted Shoppers and Orbiting Circles.

If you’re a bakery or food and gourmet shop, Bags & Bows carries a variety of food packaging products. Our food service bags are perfect for storing pie boxes and covered plates. You can use this idea to creatively tie in packaging products for other obscure holidays as well.

3. Create  Marketing Messages in Store and Online:

If you decide to tie any sales or promotions to Pi Day, make sure you’re getting the word out via your website, social media, and in-store messaging. Social media is a great avenue for this because it is in real-time, and interaction is immediate. Additionally, Twitter has trending hashtags (topics) that you can incorporate to amplify your messaging. Post random facts and questions about pi (and pie), and try to get interaction from your followers and fans. Try to include pictures as often as possible in your posts. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! You could also incorporate some type of contest. Pie eating contest, anyone? Be sure to tie back any posts to your specific in-store promotions. Have messaging about the Pi Day promotion in your shop and also on signs outside your shop.

These tactics also work well for more well-known holidays. For more ideas, read “How An Irish Pub Uses Email Marketing to Fuel St. Patrick’s Day Success”  on our parent company, Deluxe’s, blog. This article details a case study and gives some great email marketing ideas.

By using creative marketing ideas you can build brand awareness and create an excitement about your products and services. Have you used any creative promotions that tied back to an event or holiday? We’d love to hear your own ideas!


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