Proud to Announce New Partnership with Piper-Collection

Eric Ellis on June 9, 2014 - 11:44 am in AmericasMart, Marketing

As an industry leader in the retail packaging space, Bags & Bows is always searching for opportunities to create new, innovative ways to present packaging options to our customers that inspire and transform their products, stores, and lives.

Having just celebrated our 20 year anniversary in April, we are excited to announce this trend will continue as Bags & Bows rolls out a strategic partnership with a designer collection of new products. This partnership will be officially launched in July to coincide with AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia. Given that AmericasMart is one of the most prestigious packaging tradeshows in the country, it seems fitting we launch this new partnership at the July show, since this is where the story began just shy of a year ago.

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Last year was my first visit to this tradeshow, with my primary goal to see what the experience was like and find any marketing ideas that could accompany this fantastic event. True to all the hype I had heard around the office, AmericasMart is unlike any other that I have attended.

Leaving our booth one day to mill around the tradeshow, I happened into the section described as “Luxe” and strolled around booths of beautifully designed furniture, bedding, textiles and many other high quality products with fabulous designs. This is where I first caught a glimpse of the Piper Collection.

I was immediately struck by wonderful and beautiful patterned luxury pillows. As I was exploring the Piper Collection booth, taking in the quality and differing designs of pillows, I overheard the salesperson talking to a customer. As it turned out, this salesperson was the business owner and designer of these fantastic pillows; her name was Whitney Caudle.

As Whitney was sharing her story of design and inception of Piper Collection, I heard her mention she was recently out of textile design school and had started her own business. I was immediately drawn into this conversation.

I waited until the exchange was finished and approached Whitney for more information about her designs and company. I was instantly enthralled by her enthusiasm over her new business and how she draws inspiration for her designs.  After I grabbed a brochure about her products and gave her my business card, we parted ways. Or so we thought.

I couldn’t help but think of ways our two companies could forge a design partnership. Upon returning to the office, I shared Whitney’s story with our product and marketing teams.  While a design partnership had never been done before in our previous 20 years, we were ecstatic about the possibilities it offered to our customers. After numerous meetings, design iterations and calls with Whitney, our partnership was hatched, with two collections of exquisite and uniquely designed bags!

We believe this collection evokes a unique emotional response to our products. We love the story of Whitney Caudle and her new business, Piper Collection, and we hope you do as well!

Look for our new collection to launch in July. If you are coming to AmericasMart, our infamous showbags (also inspired by this collection partnership) will be available FREE, along with the ability to see the new collection  in our booth for order.

We invite you to watch our video below, which showcases the Whitney and the Piper Collection story. You can also sign up to be notified in advance of this new collection for order. And as always, we look forward to continuing to be inspired by the world of design.

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