9 Spring Cleaning Tips to Freshen up Your Store

Contributing Author on March 4, 2014 - 3:26 pm in Marketing, Retail Shop

spring cleaning tips

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Moods brighten as the days grow longer. Warmer weather inspires us all to get outside and breathe new life into our indoor surroundings.

In the process, we naturally start to see our stores with a fresh set of eyes, noticing neglected tasks, along with items that may look out of place.

According to Sara Zamikoff, owner of Emporium in Coral Gables, Florida, “Spring is a great time to do a deep clean and rid the store of the winter weather buildup.”

Here are nine spring cleaning tips to get your store ready for the warmer weather:

1. See your store through your customers’ eyes.

With pen and paper in hand, take a good, hard look at your store. Note what needs to be cleaned, repaired, repainted, removed, remodeled or rearranged.

2. Declutter.

Still seeing red and green decorations or merchandise around the store? Put it in storage for the next holiday season. If you have items in stock that just won’t move, rebundle them as part of a spring package deal, discount them deeply on a shelf by the checkout, or have a Spring Cleaning Sale. Cross-promote reduced-priced items with full-priced gifts for moms, dads and grads.

3. Dust & Clean.

Now that you’ve removed excess items from your store, dust off your shelves and the remaining items on them. Also, wipe up any stains or spots throughout the store. A clean, dust-free shop is an easy way to boost sales.

4. Rearrange.

Consider moving fixtures around in your store to create a new flow. You might choose to roll up rugs for the season and replace heavy drapes with shades or blinds. Then open doors and windows to invite fresh air – and guests – into your store.

5. Paint.

Take advantage of your newly spotless store to slap a fresh coat of paint on ceilings, walls and other surfaces that could use a spruce-up. If you’re feeling bold, use a new color or accent colors to create a fresh look.

6. Repair.

Inspect baskets and carts, toilet seats, faucets, doors, drawers and locks, and fix anything that isn’t in tip-top shape. Your customers will appreciate it.

7. Organize.

At the checkout, place everything your customers and employees may need – no more, no less. Same goes for your work area. Consider going through your physical and computer files as well, so you can quickly find what you need, when and where you need it most.

8. Change Signage.

Signage messages and designs that were meaningful around the holidays or the first of the year may not be relevant as you spring into summer. Make sure your signage reflects this, whether it appears inside or outside your store, in your marketing materials, or on your website, e-newsletter and social media pages. While you’re at it, you may even want to rethink your store logo, which you can have custom printed on your merchandise packaging materials.

9. Update Gift Wrap.

Still have holiday gift bags, ribbons, bows and gift wrap in customers’ view? Replace it all with fresh spring and summer designs that appeal to moms, dads, grads, and birthday celebrators. Bags & Bows has a variety of fun spring gift wrap options.

There’s nothing like a little retail rejuvenation to freshen up your store, your employees, and your entire business outlook. It’s likely your customers will notice, appreciate, and reward the differences, too!


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