7 Powerful Retail Display Ideas on a Budget

Brian Morris on October 27, 2014 - 10:29 am in Retail Shop

retail display ideas

One of the best ways you can promote sales of specific products in your retail store is to set up showcases to command customer attention. Prominently displaying your products doesn’t require much money, though a healthy does of creativity can certainly come in handy. The following lists seven powerful – yet cheap – retail product display ideas.

1. Stage products

One great way to showcase products, especially a suite of similar products, is to stage them right in your store. If you sell wedding favors, for example, you can create a display table that showcases some of your centerpieces, complete with a white curtain backdrop or even a mannequin bride and groom cutting the cake. You don’t have to have mannequins, wedding dresses, and tuxedos on-hand to pull off a great wedding display; get creative and showcase your products how they’ll look when used. This strategy can work for just about any retail product: a lawn tractor supply store could just as easily showcase how much dirt their tractors dig per bucket against how much dirt a shovel can dig, for example.

2. Balloons

Balloons are next to impossible to ignore and can easily draw customers to your product showcase.  Get helium-filled balloons in your brand colors or bright colors on varying lengths of ribbon so customers can recognize your sale from across the room. You might even consider using a magic marker to write your product, pitch, or discount easily on the sides of your balloons.

3.  Banners

Another great way to showcase your retail products is by printing a large format vinyl banner to hang from the ceiling over your sales rack, on the edge of your sales table, or on the wall behind your products. Big, bold text will command attention and draw customers from other areas of your shop.

4. Chalkboard

A well-placed, highly-visible chalkboard that incorporates a bright, styled color scheme can command attention for your product showcases. You can set your chalkboard in front of a specific product display, or you can stick it in front of your store to bring customers in to buy. The best part about using chalkboards? You can change them at will.

5. Hang tags

Every retailer knows what hang tags are and many use them; however, many don’t take full advantage of the power of hang tags to earn attention and motivate purchases. Start by printing extra-large hang tags so they’ll be easily noticed. Then, list your product’s benefits on the hang tags – not just features – to create desire. You can even go a step further with hang tags by including a QR code that lets customers subscribe to your newsletter via their mobile devices in return for an instant coupon.

6. Labels

Retailer grocers know the importance of great label design, but retail, gift and other shops often underestimate the impact labels can have on customer buying decisions. Any product that comes in a plastic, glass, metal, or cardboard package can have a label applied to it.

Your label doesn’t have to promote the product itself either; rather, it can promote a special discount, recommend an add-on product, or play a role in a store-wide “label sale” in which customers get a discount if they buy, say, three items with the same-colored label.

7. Stickers

Stickers are similar to labels, though they’re not placed directly on products in most cases. Because stickers are so versatile, you can place them almost anywhere, which is why showcasing products with stickers can be so fun and profitable. Imagine a pet food store with a sale on a specific brand of dog food that uses “paw print” stickers affixed to its floor and leading customers to the display rack. This would be a creative, yet cheap way to promote sales.

In order to stay in business, your retail shop needs to showcase its best products and simultaneously engage customers with fun, relevant, and relatively cheap marketing that’s destined to yield an excellent return on investment.


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