6 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

Sara Summers on March 18, 2014 - 4:33 pm in Marketing, Retail Shop

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It’s the thought that counts. There’s a feeling of warmth that comes from knowing someone was thinking of you. They took the time to shop for something you enjoy, and then took additional time to wrap the gift to add an element of mystery and surprise. But not all gift wrapping is created equal. We scoured Pinterest to find some fun innovative ways to make the gift recipient go from “Awww, thanks.” to “Wow this looks amazing!” In no time, your business will not only be known for its products and services, but as a great place to go to make a statement when giving a gift. Here are 6 creative gift wrap ideas for your business:

  1. Integrate items from your store to create an unconventional bow. A boutique lighting store might use a leftover bulb and some wire to make a unique bow as seen in ala parisienne‘s pin below, while a hardware store might integrate nuts or a door hinge as seen in Lowe’s Just a Girl’s gift wrapping challenge. A sewing store might use buttons to make an impact as seen on Re Create Design Company, and a bakery can use cupcake liners.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
    integrate products example images
  2. Create a Gift Basket! Sure, it doesn’t leave much as a surprise, but it’s a beautiful way to display the gifts. It’s also a great way to sell prepackaged gifts in the store and protect against sticky fingers. Bags & Bows has a variety of gift basket items to make sure your gift baskets are a success.Gift-Basket
  3. Layer gift wrap, ribbon, or tissue paper to create interest with patterns or color blocking.
    layering giftwraplayered gift wraptissue layering
  4. Use the product as the wrapping. Add a bow and you’re good to go!
    product wrap
  5. Use nature as a simple, inexpensive and eco-friendly way to embellish your in-store gift wrapping.
  6. The traditional route: Ribbons, bows, tulle, and raffia! I’ts amazing how the type of ribbon you choose makes such a difference. A satin ribbon communicates sophistication, while tulle is poppy and fun. Bags & Bows has a wide variety of ribbons, bows, tulle, and raffia to give you the look you desire. For additional creative gift wrap ideas, check out our Pinterest board.
    Ribbons Bows Raffia and Tulle



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