3 Ways Your Business Can Celebrate Grandparents Day

Sara Summers on August 25, 2014 - 10:27 am in Holiday, Retail Shop


Grandparents Day Book reading

Most grandparents believe it is their job to spoil their grandchildren. But, one day a year, it is the grandchildren’s and the parents’ job to spoil them back. National Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year, on September 7th, will be the 35th anniversary of National Grandparents Day. Since Grandparents Day isn’t as widely celebrated as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, business owners have a unique opportunity to make an impact.

Here are 3 ways your business can celebrate Grandparents day:

1.  Host Arts and Crafts

Set up a special in-store event where grandchildren can make something special for their grandparents. There are two options when hosting an event like this; both techniques should increase traffic to your store and create additional sales. The first option is to host a free activity for kids, such as:

  • Card making: provide supplies for grandchildren to create their own Grandparents Day cards.
  • Photo booth: have some sort of photo station set up where kids and grandparents can take fun pictures together.
  • Arts and crafts: offer a short workshop where kids can create little gifts for their grandparents. Incorporate items from your shop in the craft.

The second option is to offer a free class where participants pay for the supplies. This type of special event will increase traffic to your business and guarantees a sale for those who partake.  There are a few different options below to get you brainstorming:

Gardening Grandparent

  • If you are a bead store, consider offering a beading class including a special set of beads that have cute messages like, “I love grandma” and “I love grandpa.” Have the kids pick out and purchase the other beads that make up the bracelet.
  • If you sell clothing, consider hosting a sewing project or use paper like @2sisters_angie does on Instagram. Focus on something that’s easy to make that kids can sign when they’re finished.
  • If you are a plant nursery, host a craft like the flower pot to the right, then have them purchase a plant to fill the pot from your nursery.

2. Offer a Discount or Special Item

Discounts and special offers bring traffic to your business and encourages sales from those who are on the fence. Think about what you can offer this Grandparents Day that will do just that. For example, you could offer a free grandparents day gift with a purchase, or a BOGO: one item for you and one for the grandparent.

3.  Create Grandparents Day Gift Baskets

Now that you have shoppers in your store that are thinking about Grandparents Day, make sure that you have easy-to-purchase gifts for grandparents available throughout your store, but especially near the point of sale (POS). One great way to do this is through creating gift baskets based on grandparents’ interests, like golf, gardening, cooking, etc. These might be similar to what you have in store for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Be sure to visually call out Grandparents Day in the basket, whether it’s a sign, gift tag, or special t-shirt, it will make shoppers more prone to purchase it.



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