3 Criteria for Making a Successful Bounce Back Promotion

Melanie Lundheim on February 17, 2014 - 9:08 am in Marketing, Retail Shop

bounce back promotions

In life, the term “bounce back” alludes to quick recoveries from illnesses or recessions. In marketing, the term refers to a method you can use to get customers to return, or “bounce back” to your store.

To implement a bounce back promotion, provide visiting customers an incentive to return. Make sure your incentive meets these three criteria:

1. Compelling

What could you offer that would motivate customers to go back to your store? Perhaps it’s “buy one, get one free,” or 25 percent off everything they can fit inside a specially marked bag they must bring back to redeem. Or, you might have the incentive coincide with a special event taking place at your store, such as a chocolate or coffee tasting, chair massages, face paintings, or photographs.

2. Exclusive

Is there an in-demand item you could offer before your competitors do? For example, it might be a new coffee flavor, candle fragrance or salon technique. Is there a gift item your shoppers could only get from your store, such as bunny bobblehead dolls before Easter, specially designed pendants before Mother’s Day, or custom-shaped chocolates for dads and grads? Your bounce back promotion could emphasize the exclusivity of the item and even include free gift wrapping.

3. Available for a limited time

Whatever you offer, make sure it’s available for a limited time only, and on a future date so they can’t use it same-day since the objective of a bounce back promotion is to get customers to return to your store. Make the offer for the near future so your customers will remember the offer and come back.

Busy times are ideal for promoting bounce back offers. They can help you get customers – and sales – to bounce back during traditionally slower business periods.

Tell us about bounce back promotions that have worked well for you in the past, or ones you plan to implement in the future.


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